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I won’t tell you my story,
I’ll take you there.


It’s some years ago now and I’m living a great life. My husband and I are raising beautiful daughters. I love my job. I’m a specialist nurse and midwife in a neonatal intensive care unit. Being a nurse and midwife is what I’ve always wanted to do. Within months, a change of fate compounds a world of difference between my old world and my new. A virus destroys a significant amount of my hearing and a new story begins.


The opening chapters of my new story are fraught with challenge.


With the gift of a Cochlear Implant, my brain not only has to rewire itself so I can hear, but also so that I may speak again.

Stories can save us.


If you’d told me I’d find a life purpose of teaching people to tell stories all those years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have chuckled disbelievingly to think I’d ever be bullied in the workplace, after working so hard to move into a successful role in project management. I may have not imagined my own strength in being able to walk through confidence shattering turmoil to completely transform my life from the career I loved to finding my life’s work – storytelling.


If you had shown me an image of myself standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people live and hundreds more online working as a storytelling coach and public speaking trainer, I would have laughed out loud.

Lisa Evans-Speaker Coach-Event Speaker
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Stories connect us.


My journey to becoming one of Australia’s eminent public speaking trainers and storytelling coaches was full of twists in the tale. I believe these plot changes are one of the reasons I am so passionate about storytelling helping others realise their full potential.


I know exactly what it’s like for you if you’re at Chapter 1 of your public speaking journey. I remember those butterflies and I still feel them!


As a Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach I now work with professionals on a global scale as a public speaking trainer and storytelling coach.  I am a speaker coach for TEDx and have helped businesses come up with winning pitch presentations, corporate CEOs engage their teams more effectively, and teams learn to communicate well.

Storytelling is an important tool in my coaching toolbox

Stories can heal.


As the founder of Speaking Savvy, I’ve helped many aspiring speaking professionals and business owners move their public speaking skills to the next level. The launch of Stories From The Heart, with its live storytelling focus, means I now get to work with people at all levels of speaking needing a public speaking trainer. The power of storytelling to move you from a bundle of nerves to effective and engaging presentation skills is still the biggest thrill! Working with Stories From The Heart clients also allows me to tap into my former role as a nurturer.

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winning awards

Stories make us feel.


My story may have been drastically different if it wasn’t for discovering public speaking as a healing tool for my rehabilitation. Soon hooked on competitive speaking, my confidence grew and I proudly began to enjoy winning many prizes in speaking and storytelling.

Stories are the fabric of which communities are built and relationships begin.


It’s standing in the light of a stage, somewhere I never imagined being so comfortable, with a sea of expectant faces before me, in a dim light and rustling eagerly like only an engaged audience does, where I am most grateful for my story so far. My life’s passion is my work as a storytelling coach for this very moment. Because, at a Stories From The Heart event, I am about to speak to slowly smiling faces and introduce a new storyteller, butterflies in their stomach, story in their heart, to speak their tale.

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