What's your story?

What's your story?

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What’s your story?


Have you always wanted to take to the stage to tell your story but have let fear of the bright lights keep you away? Maybe you’re a business owner seeking to learn storytelling in order to build your brand and connect with your audience.

Perhaps you have a platform like TEDxPerth in your sights and want to create or refine your key message to captivate your listeners.


I work with people from all walks of life, who are ready to step into confidence and use their story to create impactful change on those around them.

Storytelling Workshops

With a simple story framework, and delivery skills that will engage your audience, I help you or your team unlock the storytelling magic you already harbour. Workshops are practical and enjoyable, enabling you to be more persuasive and influential in your field. Whether you’re a trainer, coach, speaker, business owner, executive, introvert, secret stage lover, entrepreneur or budding performer, attending a storytelling workshop will shine the spotlight on the stories you have within.

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Storytelling Coaching

My storytelling coaching programs have been developed for those ready to step into being an inspiring storyteller. Coaching is perfect if you are planning and preparing for a TEDxPerth (or TED style) presentation. Every coaching session is tailored to the individual and the event you’d like to speak at.  I show you how to get out of the pit of PowerPoint and into the diamond mine of storytelling, building your confidence and ability to captivate along the way.

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Live Storytelling Events

Stories build a bridge between us. I believe every person has an incredible story to tell. Our regular live storytelling events are hosted throughout Perth and create connection, meaning, and shared empathy between the storyteller and the story listener.  A live storytelling event is an opportunity for people with all levels of public speaking experience to weave a tale for a supportive audience.

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Inspirational and Keynote Speaking

When your event requires connection and inspiration, I share my story of transformation from turmoil to finding my purpose. Keynote or inspirational speeches and stories provide motivation – a key element in giving your listeners a boost in morale or showing them a different perspective. An inspirational story breathes excitement into the hearts of your listeners and can help your business or group flourish.

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Lisa Evans, Public Speaking Perth
Storytelling events Perth, Public Speaking, TedXPerth

Do you have a story to tell but you’re too nervous to step on the stage?

I offer one on one storytelling coaching.

Storytelling events Perth, Lisa Evans, Storytelling, TedXPerth
Storytelling events Perth, Public Speaking, TedXPerth
Storytelling events Perth, Public Speaking, TedXPerth
Storytelling events Perth, Public Speaking, TedXPerth
Storytelling events Perth, Public Speaking, TedXPerth

Telling a story is not only about what you can give your listener. For the storyteller, the act of sharing can offer an opportunity to glean a better understanding of personal experience.

Your story is unique, unlike anyone else’s in the world.

Would you like to share a story that will move your audience to feeling something powerful and real? Would you like to learn how to best structure your story to have the most impact? Do you have a story hidden deep in your heart that could be turned into a powerful message for others?

Stories From The Heart are worth sharing

For those ready for a wider platform, such as a Stories From The Heart live Storytelling event, or if you are planning to launch into TEDxPerth style presentations, I will show you how to mine your story for the diamonds that will transform lives and create positive change. I will guide you through the process from digging deep to uncover the narrative and to being able to confidently articulate your message in a compelling, moving way.

Lisa Evans, Public Speaking Perth

My Story

I know exactly how it feels to harbour that pit of nerves in your stomach, torn between wanting to share an experience and drowning in anxiety about public speaking.

I know because that is exactly where I began my storytelling journey.

After a virus destroyed much of my hearing, I was plunged into forging a new life. I’d been working as a neonatal intensive care nurse – my dream job – and suddenly everything changed. My brain needed to be retrained so that I could not only hear, but speak again.

I became fascinated with the magic of storytelling, and have won many public speaking awards and accolades.

As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, I work with professionals, business people, and those wanting to tackle storytelling for pleasure on a global scale. I am a speaker coach for TEDx and TEDxPerth and am known for my inspiring and moving speeches.

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Lisa was a highly valuable addition to our speaker coaching team at TEDxPerth… Our speakers engaged with her advice and insights drawn from her extensive public speaking experience delivered through her warm and professional coaching style. She had a transformative impact on the quality of our speakers’ talks, which were very well received on the day. Our speakers enjoyed working with Lisa, as did our team, and I would happily work with her again as well as recommend her services.

Linh Le – Producer, TEDxPerth

Storytelling events Perth, Lisa Evans, Storytelling, TedXPerth

… I was invited to give a TEDxPerth talk and I was put I touch with Lisa Evans, an experienced public speaking coach and mentor. After decades of university lecturing and public speaking experience I already had the required skills to deliver the talk. Lisa was able to offer me advice and coaching in order to further improve and refine my speaking skills. In working with Lisa 1:1 both face to face and via Google Hangouts, I was able to take my speech to another level.

Professor Neville Bruce- Education for World Futures

Lisa has that ability to take us into her stories as if we are there. A heart of gold and a message we all to be reminded of. She manages to mix a moving story with a great sense of humour, making her audience think whilst simultaneously entertaining them.

Olivia Schofield – Championship of Public Speaking finalist, Inspirational Speaker

Lisa Evans is a captivating speaker. She draws in the audience with poignant messaging and humor. Lisa doesn’t waste a single word and creates universal messages that reach the entire audience. Event planners and speaker selection committees can rest assured that when booking Lisa as a Speaker, your audience will leave with valuable life lessons they can act on immediately.

Diane Allen – Speaker & Speaking Coach

Heartwarming stories, shared with courage, with spirit and with inspiration. Stories From the Heart is a beautiful platform to share and truly connect through the power of human stories. Thank you ‪Lisa, for creating a space for truth.

Jo Saunders Wildfire Social Marketing